O.k. – The Musical

Witness the entire production of a musical unfold live in the gallery over the space of four weeks, culminating in three special performances

Art Performance previously on at Tate Liverpool in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
From Saturday 01 April 2017 to Monday 01 May 2017

O.k. – The Musical image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 10 January 2017.
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Berlin based artist Christopher Kline (b.1982, United States) is working with communities to produce O.K.– The Musical. Usually the home of internationally recognised artists including Picasso, Warhol and Turner, the gallery spaces will be transformed into a working set.

The musical brings together people from Liverpool and Lancashire to meet, rehearse and prepare for their final show. From acting, singing and playing an instrument to set design, lighting, and prop making people of all ages and backgrounds will work together and use their own experiences to influence the narrative and performance. O.K.– The Musical explores and restages the entire history and folklore of Kline’s home of Kinderhook in New York State with an original score by the artist.

O.K.– The Musical is part of an annual season of commissions entitled We Have Your Art Gallery the first of which was Art Gym, a successful three week programme of activity devised and delivered by young people in spring 2016. We Have Your Art Gallery is an experimental and developing project that reimagines what a museum can be and how it can programme for and with the public.

Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, as part of Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, Super Slow Way, Liverpool City Council and Tate Liverpool Corporate Members and Patrons.