Under the sun: reimagining Max Dupain’s 'Sunbaker'

Under the sun is a large scale exhibition of new works commissioned from 15 artists responding to Australian photographer Max Dupain’s iconic Sunbaker image.

Art Exhibition previously on at MGA - Monash Gallery of Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 06 May 2017 to Sunday 06 August 2017

Under the sun: reimagining Max Dupain’s 'Sunbaker' image

Published by Monash Gallery of Art on Tuesday 10 January 2017.
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Artists include Peta Clancy, Christopher Day, Destiny Deacon, Michaela Gleave, Nasim Nasr, Sara Oscar, Julie Rrap, Khaled Sabsabi, Yhonnie Scarce, Christian Thompson, Angela Tiatia, Kawita Vatanajyankur, Daniel Von Sturmer, Justene Williams and William Yang.

Under The sun will explore views of our culture, our identity and our nationhood through works that will surprise, challenge and enthuse audiences. The mix of commissioned artists reflects Australia’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith nature, enabling a creative and often very personal exploration of the question ‘is there something new under the sun?’ These artists will contemplate, challenge and interpret the representation of Max Dupain’s photograph – an icon of a particular time and a particular vision of Australian culture – while offering unique perspectives on what it could possibly signify in our current society.

Excerpt from ACP media release 12 December 2016