20/20 A Sense of Place

An expansive new exhibition of the work of more than 50 leading Australian landscape artists from the Mornington Peninsula, Vic, Qld, NSW, WA, NT, the APY Lands, the Pilbara, the Kimberley, the Tiwi Islands & Arnhem Land.

Art Exhibition previously on at McCulloch & McCulloch in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 07 January 2017 to Sunday 05 February 2017

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Published by McCulloch & McCulloch on Wednesday 11 January 2017.
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Pivotal in the selection is each artist’s deep connection with the land or place they depict. This ranges from Aboriginal in-depth representations of Country to the exploration of rural and coastal region, tropical forests, the bush and the interior by artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The result is a richly evocative exhibition of the Australian landscape through the work of more than 50 leading artists and 90 + paintings, ochres, works on paper, barks, contemporary jewellery, small sculptures and other 3D works.

John Anderson , Artists of Ampilatwatja, Rosalind Atkins *, Teresa Baker, David Beaumont , Jenny Bell *, Rupert Betheras, Alison Binks *, Tony Broughton, Tom Civil, Peter D Cole , Vicki Cullinan, Robert Fielding, Fred Fowler , Mark Fox *, Tuppy Goodwin, Imelda Guguman, Malaluba Gumana , Gillian Haig, Kit Hiller *, Miodrag Jankovic , Robert Kelly, Ken Family, Sylvia Ken, Martin King *, Rachael Lionel, Yurpiya Lionel, Claudine Marzik, Stephen May, Barbara Mbitjana Moore, Eubena Nampijin. Steven Nelson Jupurrula, Papunya Tula Artists, Emily Pwerle, Charmaine Pwerle, Jennifer Riddle, Alison Munti Riley, Heather Shimmen , Marina Strocchi *, Emma Stuart *, Freddie Timms, TextaQueen **, Sarah Tomasetti *, Mary Tonkin *, Thornton Walker *, Barbara Weir, Ann-Heather White, Bugai Whyoulter, John Wolseley *, Nora Wompi , Djirrirra Wunungmurra, Melinda Young.

OPENING DRINKS: Saturday January 7, 3-6pm
To be opened by Rodney James, art writer & curator at 3pm
RSVP: Jan 4 info@mccullochandmcculloch.com.au

The Landscape in Contemporary Australian Art, Susan McCulloch OAM followed by drinks with artists.

RSVP Jan17 info@mccullochandmcculloch.com.au
EXHIBITION DATES: Saturday January 7-Sunday February 5