Ngv Summer Sundays: Gabriella Cohen

Kick back, soak up the sun and listen to local bands in the NGV’s backyard. NGV Summer Sundays with free performances by local musicians and DJs, food and pop-up bars in the NGV Garden and a free drop-by activity for kids.

Art Special event previously on at NGV International in Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 05 February 2017 to Sunday 05 February 2017

Ngv Summer Sundays: Gabriella Cohen image

Published by National Gallery of Victoria - International on Friday 20 January 2017.
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Talking about Gabriella Cohen requires a new adjective: when she tells you about a guitar tone she likes or an organ sound she’s looking for, she might tell you these things sound ‘pink’. She’s not describing a synesthetic or aesthetic connection with the colour — instead, it’s an adjective she’s coined, all her own. Luckily, after a spin through Cohen’s debut album Full Closure and No Details, we’ll all know what ‘pink’ sounds like. It sounds like heartbreak and reckless abandon, like quiet reflection and raucous teamwork.