Linda Sim & F8!

The collaboration of Linda Sim with F8! speaks about the fleeting existence of perception as a basis for all emotion, whilst challenging the position of cultural environments as influences on the perceptive and re/active development of the individual. The project consists of a centralized motion graphics projection, surrounded by 7 large format prints on rag paper from Linda's series "Nebula".

Art Exhibition previously on in Austria.
From Thursday 20 November 2008 to Friday 05 December 2008
Launch Friday 21 November 2008, 8PM till late

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Published by Linda Solay on Friday 31 October 2008.
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“An exploration into the depths of the human mind, leading to an ambiguous centre, characterized by the infinite impossibility of rational assessment; by nature. No matter how well we train our brains to function via logical reasoning, we essentially still base each and every of our daily decisions on our innermost feelings and needs, which may be obscure; a language we cannot understand. The poetry of human existence is everlastingly buried just below our skin… and we may just starting to listen.” (Linda Sim)


Galerie Ruth Maier
Siebensterngasse 25
1070 Wien
Tel. +43-1-944 48 94

TUE – FR 12-7 PM