Varied REalities and Other Ideas (unusual Juxtapositios)

Solo Exhibition by Aaron O'Brien at Brunswick Street Gallery

Its a shoew that explores various realities with in the context of the 21 st century, like deforsetation, war, abstraction of plants and animals from the human psyche in this techno age. All workn is visually balanced and asthetically pleasing even though there of wourld issues and topics.

Art Exhibition previously on in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 07 November 2008 to Wednesday 19 November 2008
Launch Friday 07 November 2008, 6 -8 pm opening night Friday November 7. wed - thur 12-4 pm, fri-sun 11-6pm

Varied Realities and other Ideas (Unusual Juxtapositions) image

Published by Aaron O'Brien: AaronArts on Sunday 02 November 2008.
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Art and the making of it for me is a vehicle for contextualizing and conveying ideas about certain things like the environment (plants, animals), social issues, the sub-concise, war and life in general. It is about colour and form, from the everyday object like colourful drapery, to the micro world of an ant about to eat its prey to the war machines in Iraq. The Idea of creating an aesthetically pleasing work is also important to me in picture making and is something I give large consideration to in most of my work.
The Exhibition ‘Varied Realities and other Ideas (Unusual Juxtapositions)’ is a series of art works that take into account the natural world around us ,the everyday, and social and political issues. Through the language of art I try to contextualize certain Ideas about deforestation, the absence of plants and animals within the human conciseness and the industrial age,(making things in our own image), and the war in Iraq.
The Imagery within this Exhibition is sourced in a variety of ways, from imaginative thought process (sketched ideas), to conceptual ideas, referenced photos and image of the internet. I am no


Brunswick Street Gallery, opening 6-8 pm Friday nov 7
hours Wed-Thur 12-4 pm Fri-Sun 11-6pm