Prosthetic Reality

Augmented Reality Book Launch

Prosthetic Reality is a first of it’s kind Augmented Reality Art book featuring 45 internationally acclaimed artists. This project has been heralded by Vice Creators Project as “the most ambitious AR art project” to date.

Art Exhibition previously on at No Vacancy Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 07 February 2017 to Sunday 12 February 2017
Launch Thursday 09 February 2017, 6-9pm

Prosthetic Reality  image Prosthetic Reality  image Prosthetic Reality  image Prosthetic Reality  image

Published by No Vacancy on Saturday 28 January 2017.
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The book utilises EyeJack, an Augmented Reality App and platform which specialises in the curation and distribution of augmented art. EyeJack’s creators, Stu Campbell (Sutu) and Lukasz Karluk, are the same team behind the award winning AR comic, Modern Polaxis.

To create the Prosthetic Reality book, Sutu and Lukasz invited artists to utilise their EyeJack platform – each artist was asked to transform one of their static artworks with a layer of animation. The end result showcases the creative possibilities of augmented reality technology. The viewer is able to see inside the mind of a mean thug, watch a fish come back to life on a dinner plate, or, experience a small home disappear into a dust storm. These are just a few of the creative scenarios that are animated across the pages.