Life as a Projectile Vomit

Bonnie Lane, SAMPLE window at Platform Artists Group Inc.

I will be exhibiting a new video work in the Sample window at Platform artist group inc. in November. This work is very exciting for me as it is quite different from my other works from earlier this year. I would love for you to come along and see what I have been up to and check out the other artists also.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 03 November 2008 to Friday 28 November 2008
Launch Friday 07 November 2008, 6-8PM

Published by anonymous on Sunday 02 November 2008.
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When a recent bout of tonsillitis confined me to a house for a week
(after being told I couldn’t go to work) I became convinced of the
things I need in order to feel satisfied/content.
A week of eating, sleeping, talking, f#%king, drinking, painting etc…
Referencing the style of advertising, these screens flash at you what
we cannot gain with money or achieve through material possession. When
we live in a “Tell me what to do because I can’t think for myself”
society, this may be the only way into the soul of the viewer.


Platform Artists Group Inc.
Degraves St Subway,
Under Flinders St Station