The Bijou Burns Again

Norman O'Flynn, Wonder, Liza Grobler Tamsin Relly

The "Bijou Burns Again" is a group exhibition featuring artists from the Bijou Studio Space, Observatory, Cape Town.

Art Exhibition previously on at UCA Gallery in South Africa.
From Wednesday 29 October 2008 to Friday 12 December 2008

Published by anonymous on Monday 03 November 2008.
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Norman O’Flynn
“My focus is on creating work that displays both formal and conceptual potency. I do not adhere to a single technique or craft; rather I utilize a library of evolving skills to create new styles of work in different combinations of media” says O’Flynn
“Human existence is fragile. Everybody needs a hero. The world needs me…”
Norman O’Flynn is an artist best known for his paintings and witty intimate sculptures. His work questions the state of humanity, poking fun at himself and others that catch his gaze. And herein lies the key to O’Flynn’s work: a series of stimulus is presented as harmless, almost childlike stories, but hidden beneath this are much bigger questions regarding the state of humanity. Do we have the ability to change? Can the power struggles within our relationships change, and to what extent are we willing to initiate these changes Over the years his unique visual language has become easily recognized, comic book heroes, demi-gods, triumphant ballet dancers, space age fertility figures and polka dot oxen are some of the symbols that O’Flynn employs to reflect his satirical gaze on the contemporary. His use of pattern and layering in his large scale oil paintings to his granite and sandstone sun seekers, selected for the finals of the prestigious Absa L’Atelier awards in


UCA Gallery
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