group exhibition, 2017

MAY SPACE will transition from an anticipated idea into a physical reality in 2017. Supported by the 31 years of experience gained operating as Access Contemporary Art Gallery (est. 1985) and Brenda May Gallery (est. 2001), MAY SPACE aims to move forward under this new identity, reinvigorating a dedication to emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 01 March 2017 to Saturday 25 March 2017
Launch Wednesday 01 March 2017, 18:00

James Guppy, 'Mermaid' 2017  image

Published by MAY SPACE on Wednesday 22 February 2017.
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The new name, new space and new direction will be coloured and shaped by fourteen people in particular – our represented artists.

To display the talent already held by the Gallery upon opening its doors, we present MAY SPACE: FOURTEEN; an exhibition in which each represented artist presents a significant piece that displays their creativity and capabilities. This inaugural exhibition will give our audience, new and inherited, insight into the vision and orientation of this third incarnation.


(Formerly Brenda May Gallery)
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