Elastic Certainties: Shaping Converstions Across Art, Science and Music

Bridging themes of shifting boundaries and borders with theories of space-time, this collaborative project between Nicola McClelland (visual artist/curator of the exhibition), Carl Daamen (physicist) and Reuben Daamen (composer/musician) draws on their bilateral and trilateral conversations.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Saturday 25 March 2017 to Sunday 09 April 2017

Time Lapse: The Recordings ( series title) image Elastic Certainties image Elastic Certainties  image

Published by Nicola McClelland on Friday 10 March 2017.
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The trigger for this project was Carl’s scientific reading of Nicola’s work and processes. He interpreted her processes, concepts and materials, initially reversing the model of the artist interpreting science or acting as a science messenger to the public. These interpretations led to dialogues with points of meeting/difference and, sometimes, chasms. They were documented through audio recordings and mind maps, then edited and channeled.

Reuben’s sound piece translates not only specific conversations across the disciplines, but sounds generated from Nicola’s art making processes in her studio. The piece was influenced by perspective images and photographs of the ArticulateUpstairs site.

The distilled myriad findings are integrated in the photography, sculpture and sound installation, Elastic Certainties