Introducing V

Matt Chun, Shane Drinkwater, Anna Glynn, Dai Li, Natasha Walsh

This is the fifth exhibition in our Introducing series. The show aims to showcase the work of a small group of artists who are new to the Gallery. In this edition we are presenting the work of Matt Chun, Shane Drinkwater, Anna Glynn, Dai Li, Natasha Walsh.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 28 March 2017 to Saturday 22 April 2017

 Matt Chun, 'Liam' 2017   image Shane Drinkwater, 'Field trip 6' 2017   image Dai Li, 'Waiting Room No. 13' 2017   image

Event published by MAY SPACE on Sunday 26 March 2017.
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“Working from Sydney, Taipei and my open studio in Bermagui, I use a variety of media to make images of people and places.”
- Matt Chun

“I delve into the act of painting with a minimum repertoire of visual elements, using repetitive mark making, aiming for a maximum visual intensity.”
- Shane Drinkwater

“In Above and Below I express my curiosity and wonderment with the elegant, complex rhythms and patterns of the natural world, referencing the parallel between forms in nature above and below the sea.”
- Anna Glynn

“I find waiting rooms interesting. They are like gathering places for strangers, each with different motives, emotions and moods, either excitement and/or trepidation of an unknown future. However they also share something in common, “waiting”. A place for a pause and reflection before next steps."
- Dai Li

“In this series of paintings I have begun to examine the fragility of the self and the perception of the image as timeless through the genre of the self-portrait.”
- Natasha Walsh


(Formerly Brenda May Gallery)
409b George Street Waterloo NSW Australia