Misael M.

Prolegomena: About filters, codification and domestication

Prolegomena: About filters, codification and domestication stems from an attempt to expose the precarious basis of the human communicational/epistemological system. Understood from signic to symbolic systems, including all the complexities associated with the interpretation of meaning (hermeneutics).

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 05 May 2017 to Sunday 21 May 2017
Launch Friday 05 May 2017, 6.00-8.00pm

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Published by AirSpace Projects on Wednesday 26 April 2017.
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Focusing on the treatment of certain semantic and linguistic theories (namely those of Ferdinand de Saussure, Charles S. Pierce, Umberto Eco, Edmund Husserl, Foucault, etc.), the investigation is presented as a triadic system of understanding the world (filters, codification and domestication), with the possibility of emancipation via a fourth subversive one: The language of poetics; that constant which creates the intertextuality among apparently dissimilar topics, the epiphany after a paroxysm, the slang, the neologism, the mystics of the absurd.

“The irony rises and subverts; humour falls and perverts”, says Foucault in his Theatrum Philosophicum, and the proposal emphasises this; the best way to learn and destroy is through humour & confusion (at least that is what we think for now).

Note to the public:
This exhibition is just an ‘attempt’ and therefore we take full responsibility for the suicidal task. Any complaints will only be received in written form, with the exception of those individuals who may lack hands.

Artist Talks: Saturday 20 May, 3-5pm
Open Sunday 21 May from 11-5 for the 20/21 May Inner West Studio Trail