Chili Philly: Crochet Social

Ferguson creates wearable crochet pieces that take the form of ordinary, everyday objects - from tacos to teabags - which are captured as self-portraits and uploaded onto Instagram.

Art Exhibition previously on at Australian Design Centre in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 02 February 2017 to Wednesday 15 March 2017

Chili Philly: Crochet Social image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 May 2017.
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@chiliphilly has been wildly successful, amassing more than 140,000 followers. The experience has created extraordinary opportunities for Ferguson and given him the chance to meet more people than he ever thought possible.

Combining well-developed craft skills with a gentle, self-deprecating humour, Ferguson’s final self-portraits are a mix of video and photography that capture something of that awkward, lonely human experience. Ferguson is often called ‘The Lonely Boy’ and his use of Instagram was originally a way to make friends and find an audience for his work.

As part of the exhibition, ADC will also present a series of events and public programs inviting audiences to join the crochet craze. Join us for an adults-only ‘Cocktails and Crochet’ night, kids’ workshops, artist talks, panel discussions and a lively local makers market in Darlinghurst featuring jewellery, costumes, glitz and glamour!

Chili Philly: Crochet Social presents Ferguson’s work as a social phenomenon that sits at the nexus of art, craft and social media, challenging how we understand and represent our ideas of self today. Ultimately though, Chili Philly: Crochet Social is a celebration of the importance of friends and community.