Object Therapy

Object Therapy is an exhibition and project that explores creative transformation and notions of value and repair.

Art Exhibition previously on at Australian Design Centre in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 06 April 2017 to Wednesday 07 June 2017

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 May 2017.
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In May 2016, 29 broken objects were submitted by members of the public to a team of repair researchers in Canberra before undergoing ‘therapy’. Items of furniture, ceramics, household appliances, textiles, jewellery, sentimental objects and even one human, were all treated and reimagined by noted Australian and international designers and artists including Trent Jansen, Liam Mugavin, Henry Wilson and Alison Jackson.
In transforming these loved but broken items into objects of delight and surprise, Object Therapy showcases innovative design solutions while exploring the attachments we form with objects. As a project and exhibition, it encourages us to rethink our habits of material consumption while exploring and celebrating the role and creative possibilities of repair in society.

Object Therapy is a project by Hotel Hotel, Developed in partnership with UNSW Art & Design and Australian National University.

Designers: Andrea Bandoni | Corr Blimey (Louisa de Smet and Steven Wright) | Susannah Bourke | Elise Cakebread | Thought Collider (Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret) | Daniel Emma (Daniel To, Emma Aiston) | Franchesca Cubillo | Dale Hardiman | Benja Harney | Kyoko Hashimoto | Alison Jackson | Elbowrkshp (Elliat Rich and James B. Young) | Trent Jansen | Guy Keulemans | Dylan Martorell | Scott Mitchell | Liam Mugavin | Rohan Nicol | Monique Van Nieuwland | Yutaka Ohtaki | Halie Rubenis | Niklavs Rubenis | SMaRT@UNSW | Naomi Taplin | Henry Wilson | Richard Whiteley