HERE Explores the mutuality of a continuum scale, that occurs within the practice of 4 artists.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centrespace in Avon, United Kingdom.
From Saturday 27 May 2017 to Wednesday 31 May 2017
Launch Friday 26 May 2017, 6 - 9pm

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Published by Ruth Piper on Wednesday 03 May 2017.
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The exhibition will focus on a single point on the scale for two of the artists. Other works will attempt to span the continuum. Media includes Kinetic and Static Sculpture, Audio and Video.

The exhibition features the work of four BA students all of whom are in the second year of their degree in Fine Art. Alex Orton, a Sculptor interested in strength, weakness and disrupting our movement through a space. Kelsey Cruz-Martin, a multi-disciplinary artist will be displaying audio work traversing order to chaos. Pace Frith’s work will explore inevitability and the idea of a terminus. Will Hughes a multi-disciplinary artist, will be displaying a kinetic sculpture exploring a point between serenity and anxiety.

Artist: Alex Orton, Kelsey Cruz-Martin, Pace Frith, Will Hughes