New Imaginings in Portal to Dreams

This May Agora Gallery brings offbeat perspectives to the forefront with Portal to Dreams, a group exhibition spanning abstraction and surrealism. Portal to Dreams includes six bold artists who meld broad statements with a detailed execution. Whether they're figural studies, narrative scenes, or less definable experiments with pattern and form, these pieces are not afraid to present loud statement

Art Exhibition previously on at Agora Gallery in New York, United States.
From Friday 19 May 2017 to Thursday 08 June 2017
Launch Thursday 25 May 2017, 6:00-8:00pm

Alagir, Travel Of Nagual, Oil on Canvas Board, 24''x16.5'' image Carlos Puig, Initiation, Acrylic on Cardboard, 24''x20'' image Julio Lopez Vietri, Jocker, Mixed Media on Cardboard, 31.5''x28'' image Mali Lasker, Shadows, Oil on Canvas, 28''x35.5'' image Ricardo Vivanco, New River Life, Acrylic on Canvas, 39.5''x31.5'' image Stan Adard, Curious Water, Digital Breathing Picture, 31.5''x52'' image

Published by Agora Gallery on Friday 05 May 2017.
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Other than their shared tenacity, the participating artists could not be more different. One creates acrylic portraits with a heavy psychological element, relying on expressive brushstrokes and an atmospheric color palette to convey emotion. One builds compositions out of sinuous lines and textures to conjure up shapes that seem to hang in the air. One grounds surrealism in everyday modern life to bring familiar scenes to new heights. One incorporates geometry and alternate perspective lines into his depictions of the human body. Finally, the exhibition’s one digital artist creates abstract patterns that move extremely slowly on a digital screen in a new kind of exploration of line, color, and time.

Portal to Dreams begins May 19, 2017 and runs through June 8, 2017 with an opening reception on May 25 from 6-8 pm. Entrance is free.

Exhibition Dates: May 19, 2017 – June 8, 2017
Reception: Thursday, May 25, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00am – 6:00pm
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York
Event URL:

Featured Artists:

The Portal to Dreams
Ricardo Vivanco | Stan Adard | Carlos Puig | Julio Lopez Vietri | Alagir | Mali Lasker

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