RICHARD YORK: Small Editions - Recent Prints

Art Exhibition previously on at Mira Godard Gallery in Canada. Published by Mira Godard Gallery on Tuesday 16 May 2017. Saturday 27 May 2017 to Saturday 17 June 2017. Opening Saturday 27 May 2017 2pm - 5pm.

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On Saturday, May 27th, 2017, Mira Godard Gallery is pleased to open “Small Editions” an exhibition of recent prints by RICHARD YORK. This is York’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The artist will be present.

“Small Editions highlights my exploration of the human/nature divide – people who have lost identification with the natural world and with each other.

After quiet contemplation of nature, my landscapes depict epiphanies, moments when the natural world comes alive for me. As Rodin once said, “Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind which searches into nature and there defines the spirit of which Nature herself is animated.” " – Richard York

RICHARD YORK was born in Delavan, Wisconsin in 1955 and raised in Sacramento, California. He moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia in 2009, becoming a Canadian citizen. While building his art studio on Salt Spring, he co-wrote a PBS documentary about the environmental history of California. The documentary “Becoming California” won 2 San Francisco Bay Area Emmy Awards in which Richard York and his writing partner both received Emmys for best documentary. 

An early interest in woodcuts led York to begin printing as a teenager and he has been printmaking for forty years. Richard York’s keen appreciation and deep understanding of environmental issues informs and inspires his work. His small edition reduction woodcuts and linocuts, combining abstraction, texture and colour, reflect his interest in the uneasy and often tense boundaries between natural and man-made landscapes. 

RICHARD YORK is represented exclusively by Mira Godard Gallery.


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