Jarrod Van Der Ryken, (no) vacancy

(no) vacancy is an exhibition of new photographic and video work produced in response to a self-directed residency in remote Western Queensland. Drawing on tropes of the Gothic novel and employing tactics of Australian Gothic cinema, the exhibition enlists the barren desert landscape as the unfathomable menace to the human psyche.

Art Exhibition previously on at Galerie pompom in New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 10 May 2017 to Sunday 04 June 2017

Jarrod Van Der Ryken, glaring, pitiless, empty, 2015, C type print, 100 x 43 mm (framed: 250 x 180 mm), edition 1 of 2 + 1 AP image Jarrod Van Der Ryken, (no) vacancy, installation view image Jarrod Van Der Ryken, (no) vacancy, installation view image Jarrod Van Der Ryken, (no) vacancy, video still, 2017, single-channel 4K video with soundtrack duration: 34 minutes 38 seconds, edition of 3 + 1AP image

Published by Galerie pompom on Thursday 18 May 2017.
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Jarrod Van Der Ryken is a contemporary visual artist whose practice is concerned with notions of the unspoken and hesitancies of self expression. His work attempts to draw new relationships between wider phenomenologies of thought and language, mostly through experimentation with the introverted presence of the body in performance, installation and video work. Jarrod’s recent work has explored intimate thought, personal insecurities and social oppressions in relation to concerns of sexuality, gender, and social placement through personal and often ambiguous symbolic gestures of passivity.

Van Der Ryken completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at the Queensland University of Technology in 2014 and has held solo exhibitions at Metro Arts in Brisbane, Firstdraft in Sydney, and Screenspace in Melbourne. Van Der Ryken is one of three Co-Directors of the Brisbane-based artist-run initiative FAKE estate.