Nicole Welch - 'Wildēornes Land'

Installation, photography and moving image artwork

Nicole Welch's Wildēorness Land is an ambitious, monumental cinematic exhibition combining installation, photography and moving image that investigates the Blue Mountains wilderness from a historical, cultural and ecological viewpoint.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 22 August 2017 to Saturday 16 September 2017

 Nicole Welch, 'Wildēornes Land #2 - Capertee Valley' 2017 image

Published by MAY SPACE on Friday 30 June 2017.
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The exhibition draws upon archival records that illuminate early European romantic notions of Australian wilderness juxtaposed with contemporary ideas and concerns that reflect the inherent loss and uncertainty we now face for our natural environment.

Welch’s artistic process involves traversing through areas of bushland, where she locates historically and environmentally significant landscapes to create compositions using large-scale projectors, generators, spotlights and research-inspired objects. Installations are enacted and recorded in situ, resulting in a truly incongruous image that records in real time both past and present ideologies. She spent several weeks at BigCi artist residency near the Wollemi National Park where she researched and created works for this exhibition.


(Formerly Brenda May Gallery)
409b George Street Waterloo NSW