Habits of Horses: serious horsing around

Habits of Horses

Contemporary artists respond to the ancestral and cultural role horses played in the country of their forefathers and celebrate the role of the horse through agriculture, economy and sport. Supported by a full program of community and historic exhibitions, competitions, workshops, residencies, demonstrations, cultural celebrations and an Open Day.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mundaring Arts Centre in Other Regional Western Australia precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Saturday 12 August 2017 to Sunday 10 September 2017
Launch Friday 11 August 2017, 19.00-20.30pm

'The Protector' by Marcia Espinosa image 'Horsechase - a True Story' by Madeleine Clear image 'Usins - Rider of the Sun Horses' (detail) by Indra Geidans image 'Droving Days - the Forgotten Heroes' by Jan Griffiths image 'Centaur' (detail) by Andrrew Nicholls image 'Abattoir II' (detail) by Anna Louise Richardson image 'Muybridge, Durer and the Zoetrope: Anatomy of Hybridity' by Sue Starcken image 'Pegasus' (detail) by Yuko Takahashi image

Published by anonymous on Friday 28 July 2017.
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Mundaring Arts Centre presents Habits of Horses, a community arts project celebrating the historical and cultural significance of the relationship between humans and horses. The project brings curated exhibitions with works by international and nationally recognised artists together with community artists. These run alongside workshops, events and a community Open Day. At the centre of the project is the Habits of Horses: Serious Horsing Around exhibition which brings together some of WA’s most exciting contemporary artists: Madeleine Clear, Marcia Espinosa, Indra Geidans, Jan Griffiths, Tony Jones, Paul Kaptein, Theo Koning, Matt McVeigh, Andrew Nicholls, Anna Louise Richardson, Sue Starcken and Yuko Takahashi. These artists respond to the role horses played in the countries of their forefathers and present diverse interpretations ranging between sculptural, life-sized and two-dimensional artworks. The group show collects personal histories and cultural insights, marrying the historical with the contemporary.

Chilean Australian contemporary visual artist Marcia Espinosa traces her Latino influences in her works through rich colours, energy and a touch of humour. Her work The Protector was inspired by childhood memories of a traditional Chilean celebration performed on the first Sunday after Easter, the Quasimodo; “a religious festivity where the local Priest would leave the church to go out and give communion to those that were sick or unable to go to Mass on Easter Sunday. The Priest in his journey is protected by hundreds of men on horses, forming a large procession of strong religious faith,” she explains.

British Australian artist Andrew Nicholls’ practice engages with historically-marginalised aesthetics and traces the historical recurrence of motifs. Of his works for Habits of Horses, Nicholls writes: “My recent practice explores the symbolic position the Roman Empire occupies in the Western psyche, and how this has been reflected in aesthetics, historically.” Developed on residency in Italy, his works depict two iconic hybrid horses from Greco-Roman mythology: the winged horse Pegasus and the half-man/half-horse centaur.

When Yuko Takahashi was a child in Japan, her mother taught her to make paper horses using origami, which became her favourite childhood pastime. Takahashi’s works depicting Pegasus harmonize an aspect of her own Japanese culture with her current home in Australia. Albany artist Indra Geidans works will depict Ūsinš, a sky deity of Latvian mythology that drives the solar chariot. “He ensures the wellbeing of livestock and transports the sun from dawn to till dusk with the assistance of his grey sun horses,” she says.

The Mundaring Sculpture Park will also host large-scale sculptures by some of Perth’s most renowned sculptors – Cecile Williams, Tony Jones, Denise Brown and Claire Bailey -to coincide with this exhibition. Launching at the Habits of Horses Open Day, 20 August*, Horse-in-Stall will be on display in the Mundaring Sculpture Park as part of a temporary installation depicting horses from 20 August to 10 September.

*The Open Day invites all members of the community to take part in a free, fun day packed with events in the Mundaring Sculpture Park, Mundaring Arts Centre, Mundaring District Museum and other venues. A range of horse-related arts activities will be on offer from 10am–4pm, including hobby horse jumping, saddling competitions, live ponies, horse petting, food vans, book sales, whip cracking and more. For details on the full Habits of Horses project and event dates please visit http://www.mundaringartscentre.com.au/habits-of-horses/


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