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Junko Go

‘When do we bloom? When do we flower? When do we shine? In this exhibition, flowers are not only a predominant source of visual inspiration, looking at them also engenders a kind of appreciation and wonder. The fragile and ephemeral flower provokes in me an awareness of the human condition that reveals the true nature of our existence.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery 101 (now closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 24 February 2009 to Saturday 14 March 2009
Launch Thursday 26 February 2009, TUES - FRI 10am - 5pm SAT 12 - 4pm

Opium Poppy image

Event published by Gallery 101 on Friday 21 November 2008.
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In my creative practice, the activity of painting results in a sort of cathartic visual diary which allows me to get a sense of my own identity. Painting, like the flower, enables me to understand who I am and what I believe, and then, to get a sense of appreciation of my existence.

Through my imagery I aim to make visible connections with my thoughts and ideas. Titles indicate my thoughts and ideas, and the grounds for my choice of subject matter. My visual language develops as I find ways to communicate perceptually and conceptually. My work speaks visually in a narrative way, yet some of the graphic marks are suggestive and elusive, so viewers can be creative and free to interpret the work in their own way. My goal is to create images which are strong and soft, bold and precise, beautiful and ugly, figurative and abstract, all at once.


Ground Level
101 Collins Street
Melbourne 3000