Gary Carsley, The Future of the Past

Gary Carsley is one of the few Australian artists to have successfully developed an international exhibitions and collections profile and he is now widely known and respected abroad for his complex and beautiful installations.

Art Exhibition previously on at Galerie pompom in New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 30 August 2017 to Sunday 24 September 2017

Gary Carsley, The Future of the Past  image Gary Carsley, The Future of the Past  image Gary Carsley, The Future of the Past  image

Published by Galerie pompom on Monday 11 September 2017.
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In The Future of the Past, Carsley brings more than two decades of experience with realising intricate room based installations to the challenge of contaminating Galerie pompom with an ensemble of domestically scaled wall works. Central to this is a large exploded still life in which concerns around biological diversity are linked to the collapse of cultural plurality and the emergence of pervasive monocultures. In this new series of shaped Pietre Dure sublimation prints stone textures the artist has harvested from the sites of cultural and economic power around the world are used to image butterflies that have become extinct during the epoch of the global art museum. Pietre Dure is an archaic inlay technique in which pictures are created using pieces of polished stone and this will be the artist’s first large scale presentation of these new works.

Gary Carsley is an itinerant attention seeker who still calls Sydney homo. He is well known as a provocateur working concurrently as artist, project initiator and nuisance. Carsley has exhibited extensively in Europe, Asia and America where his recent solo projects include The Garden of Dr. Con Fabulator for the Visual Arts Centre of New Jersey (US), For and Against Nature at Grey Projects Singapore, Scenes From The Life of Paris for Gallery H Bangkok, and Sciencefictive at the Kunstverein Ulm (Germany). Locally, in the immediate past he participated in The National – New Australian Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, and The Mnemonic Mirror at UTS Gallery, Sydney, and Griffith University Art Gallery in Brisbane. In September he will commence an Asialink residency in association with a site specific commission for The National Gallery of Singapore.

Gary Carsley
The Future of the Past
30 August – 24 September