Opening exhibitons @BlackCat Gallery, Collingwood

You are invited to the opening reception on Fri 6 October at 6-8 pm. Exhibition will be held from 5-24 Oct

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 05 October 2017 to Tuesday 24 October 2017

Opening exhibitons @BlackCat Gallery, Collingwood image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 27 September 2017.
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Gallery 1 : Making Friends
by David Lowe
I am interested in cognitive dissonances that arise between conceptual binaries. With a focus on the reactions that manifest in humans when faced with these tensions, my work aims to navigate and generate discourse on nuanced issues of sexuality, gender and race. Working primarily with a range of visceral bodily imagery infused with an interdisciplinary materiality that connotes craft and kitsch, including textiles, crochet, silicon and ceramics, my sculptures exist on a level that is both object and subject, and aim to create a paradoxical yet unified sense of repulsion and desire for intimate contact.

Gallery 2 : Fragmented
by Laura Herman
This series of work is an abstract reflection of the parallels we unconsciously create with minor changes in repetitive moments, and the alternative realities of decisions. At times the idea has consumed my mind and my ability to productively move forward in life, so in an attempt to overcome this I allowed myself the freedom to paint the same thing numerous times and watch with full acceptance as each piece ends in it’s own spectacular uniqueness. I find this method connects the cognisant and incognisant mind in both conscious and subconscious states as each piece becomes an organic, mysterious journey through the intuitive expressions of my own mental health and reveals how the effective tool of art has helped me to combat that.

Gallery 3 : Humans, dream and poison snakes
by Somrak Maneemai
These are the elements informing my work. Rising and falling, connections forming and growing. As I apply washes to the canvas I begin responding to images that float up in my mind. A web of images and ideas grow and a picture forms. It is a meditative process. It is much the same as we go through life; responding, building, remembering, dreaming. It is sometimes conscious and sometimes not. Our history shapes us. A story unfolds.


BlackCat Gallery
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