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Art Opportunity currently on in Australia. Published by anonymous on Thursday 28 September 2017. Tuesday 13 June 2017 to Friday 02 March 2018.

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(5 to 23 June 2018). June will bring the winter season to Sydney and to add some warmth to our gallery we will be holding a special exhibition featuring mugs by different artists.

Each Saturday we will fill purchased mugs with a different complementary hot beverage, so that gallery-goers can escape the cold and enjoy the shows with a warm drink in hand. MUGGED! aims to include specially made pieces that display diverse interpretations of this ubiquitous object. We are now seeking proposals from emerging, mid-career and established artists for contributions to this seasonal exhibition.

Proposals for MUGGED! must be received before Friday 2 March 2018.


(Formerly Brenda May Gallery)
409b George Street Waterloo NSW