'OFF GRID' - curated by Al Munro

Featuring: Emma Beer, Sally Blake, Julie Brooke, Kirsten Farrell, Jay Kochel, Al Munro and Wendy Teakel

As the exemplar of high Modernism, the grid is ubiquitous within contemporary life in instances as varied as the structure of city buildings and streets, to the graphs of financial indexes and the organisational logic of museums, libraries and supermarkets. But just as the grid can be seen as a device implying control and rigidity, it can also been seen as an agent of movement and change.

Art Exhibition previously on at May Space Gallery in Australia.
From Wednesday 26 April 2017 to Saturday 13 May 2017

'OFF GRID' - curated by Al Munro  image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 04 October 2017.
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A grid is the form of many textiles, of nets which allow the flow of water as well as the containment of a catch, of the rhythms and patterns of the natural world. The artists in “Off Grid” respond to these ideas and more, some taking the history of the grid with modern art as a starting point, others exploring the potential for the grid to make sense of the richness and immensity of the natural world and others still making use of the grid as a form of logic to structure visual a material. The artists – Emma Beer, Sally Blake, Julie Brooke, Kirsten Farrell, Jay Kochel, Al Munro, and Wendy Teakel – work across a range of media to demonstrate the ongoing relevance of the grid within contemporary art.


(Formerly Brenda May Gallery)
409b George Street Waterloo NSW Australia 2017