Opening exhibitions @ BlackCat gallery

You are invited to the opening reception on Fri 27 October at 6-8 pm. Exhibition will be held from Oct 26 - Nov 14

Art Opening previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 27 October 2017 to Friday 27 October 2017

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Published by anonymous on Friday 13 October 2017.
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Gallery 1 : Anámesa
by Stacey Korfiatis
Stacey Korfiatis’ paintings question what happens when the subject is taken outside of the frame. Contrasting the tightly confined figures of her Enclosed series with the liberated subjects of her Threshold series, Korfiatis’ work explores the relationship between the subject and frame, examining the autonomy and (dis)empowerment of her muse.

Gallery 2 : Disassociate
by Keira Hudson
“Disassociate” explores themes of manipulation and helplessness through the interaction of two anonymous figures. The images venture into a dream-like state, with the bodies shifting in and out of focus. An undertone of violence is present, as the dominating figure grasps at the hair and skin of the naked subject, interrupting the illusion that she is moving of her own free will. Hudson’s art practice examines corporeality through photography and mixed media. She is interested in the human condition, and investigates this through unsettling fine art nude composites. Her printed works are often overpainted with acrylic paint and encaustic wax, lending them an ethereal, nostalgic quality.

Gallery 3 : Lone White Cloud
by Hugo Mathias
“Lone White Cloud” is an exploration of how our personal identities reflect our national identities. The works feature a series of my possessions. Some are clear symbols of New Zealand to myself and others, while some represent New Zealand to me but may be interpreted differently by different people.

By juxtaposing these items I want to draw attention to the fact that national identity is malleable and subjective. Are the symbols of nationality as equivocal as the everyday items with which they appear?

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