'Christmas Stock Exhibition'

Open Stockroom for the Festive Season

A selection of paintings and works on paper from the stock room for the festive season. 10% discount for all existing clients Wedding registries Gift Vouchers

Art Exhibition previously on at James Makin Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 11 December 2008 to Saturday 20 December 2008
Launch Thursday 13 November 2008, Tuesday to Friday 10am - 5.30pm Saturday 11am - 5pm

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 27 November 2008.
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Eolo paul Bottaro, Godwin Bradbeer, Alice Byrne, Dagmar Cyrulla, Aln Jones, Jeremy Kibel, Martin King, Jeffrey Makin, Mitch McAuley, Milan Milojevic, Adam Nudelman, Ian Parry, Luke Sciberras, Gria Shead, Wayne Viney, Fred Williams