Claudia Moodoonuthi

‘Coya’ (Little One)

‘Coya’ (Little One) is the name Claudia Moodoonuthi’s Kaiadilt family on Bentinck Island have always called her, and still use today. To create this installation, Moodoonuthi collected once loved objects she found littered around Brisbane which reminded her of the fun she had growing up on Bentinck Island.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 09 November 2017 to Thursday 01 February 2018

Claudia Moodoonuthi image

Published by anonymous on Monday 06 November 2017.
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Her use of images, patterns and text combines the aesthetic of Brisbane street art and the paintings of her Kaialdilt mentors, Sally Gabori, Netta Loogatha and May Moodoonuthi whose love of colour and Country is instilled in her.

Moodoonuthi has worked collaboratively with MECCA Brands on their 2017 Holiday collection, inspired by a shared love of vibrant colour. Now in its second year, this partnership sees MECCA Brands founder and CEO Jo Horgan support the NGV to acquire works by female Australian contemporary artists for the NGV Collection.

The NGV warmly thanks Jo Horgan and MECCA Brands for making this work possible.