1717 Painting/not painting

Exhibiting artists: Kevin Chin, Will Cooke, Fernando do Campo, Stefan Dunlop, Neil Haddon, Irene Hanenbergh, Brent Harris, Matthew Harris, Daniel Hollier, Belem Lett, Ollie Lucas, Tara Marynowsky, Nuha Saad, Kate Tucker, Megan Walch, Tricky Walsh, Ian Williams

Art Exhibition previously on at Galerie pompom in New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 22 November 2017 to Sunday 17 December 2017
Launch Wednesday 22 November 2017, 6-8pm

night image Kiepenkerl image White-throated sparrow image Hole in Paradise image Yellow versus Black and White image We’ll bring our own trees image GrnWht Construction #39 image Though encumbered everywhere, I am free (1866) image Hollow Earth image dark matter image Fallout image Holding Pattern 3 image Bossy Bottom image Velvet Constellations image Flood(2) image The Makers image Operation Hypnosis image

Published by Galerie pompom on Tuesday 21 November 2017.
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Curated by George Adams

Exhibition essay by Melissa Loughnan

Kevin Chin appears courtesy of THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
Stefan Dunlop appears courtesy of Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane
Neil Haddon appears courtesy of THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne and Bett Gallery, Hobart
Irene Hanenbergh appears courtesy of Neon Parc, Melbourne
Brent Harris appears courtesy of Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
Tara Marynowsky appears courtesy of Chalk Horse, Sydney
Kate Tucker appears courtesy of Daine Singer, Melbourne
Megan Walch appears courtesy of Bett Gallery, Hobart