Planet Nowra

- Creating a Parallel Universe in the Heart of Nowra –

This intriguing art event will bring Nowra to life through the eyes of over 80 local makers, artists and school students in the Manse Gardens of St Andrews Presbyterian Church. Planet Nowra is a free event exploring the concept of ‘place’ through contemporary arts practice.

Art Festival previously on in Australia.
From Friday 08 December 2017 to Saturday 09 December 2017

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 03 December 2017.
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The vision of Theatre Kantanka director Carlos Gomes, who has led a team of cutting edge contemporary artists in the creation of a Nowra-specific collection of artworks, installations and live performances. It’s a unique experience where visitors will travel through the Manse Gardens by entering a series of structures and domes housing the artworks. At dusk, the walls and surfaces around the Manse come to life with projections highlighting the unexpected beauty of the built landscape.

Known for creating a spectacle, Alison Clouston, Boyd, Katia Molino, Kym Vercoe and Sean Bacon have brought to life a program including music, storytelling, projection and movement it that will take place throughout the day and evening.

The projects below and more will come together for Planet Nowra:

• Visual artist Alison Clouston has worked with a small team of locals to fashion towering and mobile sculptures built onto vintage back-packs.

• Musician and composer Boyd has invited local composers, musicians and rappers to create new music and lyrics about the river.

• Carlos Gomes with local artist Jill Talbot has been running embroidery workshops, using diverse embellishment techniques and superimposing them onto photographic images, to create hidden meanings. Filmmaker Sean Bacon has been collecting video portraits and re-framing familiar landmarks to project onto walls and other surfaces.

• Celebrating the jacaranda bloom, Kym Vercoe has met with local makers to create jacaranda tinted objects out of locally hand- dyed wool and has been on the lookout for mums and bubs to be part of a video installation.

• Carlos Gomes, Katia Molino and Sean Bacon (with local artist Julie Cunningham), have each been in residence at a selection of schools running workshops on storytelling, how to create animation strips for especially fashioned zoetropes and the creation of golden super heroes.
Planet Nowra is a family friendly, alcohol free event and entry is free. There will be gelato, snacks, coffee and cool drinks available for purchase onsite. Bring an open mind and prepare to see your city in a whole new light!


6pm Story telling – pupils from North Nowra Public School and Terara Primary School tell their own stories in the St Andrews Church Hall
6.30pm Welcome and opening address in the garden
6.45- 9.30pm – art works and projections in the garden and surrounding walls
8.30pm – 9.30pm – live music in the hall

12 noon – day time installations in the garden
6.30 – 9.30pm – plus projections on surrounding walls


St Andrews Presbyterian Church manse gardens, 3 Kinghorne St, Nowra