Cry: Jessi Lewis

A visual collaboration between portraiture and performance

Art Performance previously on at Zilla & Brook in Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 10 January 2018. Friday 19 January 2018 to Friday 19 January 2018.

Cry: Jessi Lewis image

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This is an exhibition that transgresses the roles of sexuality, whilst challenging the notions of masculinity.

“Stripped of armour to a transparent vulnerability. Individuals in private pain – shared in unexpected spaces. In a poetic silence, these emotions swell, filling up the space between you and I. With each tear we shed, a new layer does emerge. Here we remain, transfixed in a state of flux, translucent begins, waiting and wanting of more.” Jessi Lewis

19 Jan
Fri 7 – 9pm
Duration 2 hours


Adult content


Abbotsford Covent Courtyard
1 St Heliers St