Moving Marvels: Marc-O-Matic

Merging art and storytelling with mixed-reality technology

Art Exhibition coming up at Zilla & Brook in Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 10 January 2018. Thursday 25 January 2018 to Saturday 03 February 2018.

Moving Marvels: Marc-O-Matic image

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Queer artist Marc-O-Matic pushes creative boundaries merging art and storytelling with mixed-reality technology.

Created by one of Australia’s immersive media artists, the Moving Marvels exhibition showcases artworks that come to life, blurring boundaries between perception and experience and demonstrating different ways of interacting with traditional illustrative art through mixed-reality technology.

25 Jan – 3 Feb
Daily 10am – 6pm



Artboy Gallery
99 Greville St