Art Exhibition coming up in Australia. Published by Kate Just on Thursday 08 February 2018. Saturday 21 April 2018 to Sunday 09 September 2018.

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The ICA’s inaugural exhibition, Declaration will explore contemporary art’s power to catalyze change, and will feature painting, sculpture, multimedia works, site-specific installations, and time-based performances by emerging and established artists.

Featuring new work and commissions by artists from around the globe, “Declaration” will examine themes of protest, social justice, connection, and creative community.

Declaration will assert contemporary art’s vital role in society through works that raise urgent questions about the state of our world. The exhibition will explore questions of speech and silence, conflict and connection, the interrelation between the many and the one, and between institutions and the communities they serve. It will demonstrate how artists participate in civic conversations, activate diverse creative communities, and catalyze reflection and renewal.


Institute of Contemporary Art
Richmond, Virginia USA