Opening exhibitions at Blackcat Gallery, Collingwood

You are invited to the opening reception on Friday 2 March at 6-8 pm. Exhibition will be held from Feb 28 - March 11.

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 28 February 2018 to Sunday 11 March 2018

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 22 February 2018.
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Gallery 1 : Muted Screams
Stella Nguyen

Muted Screams explores the internal state of suffering in silence, suffering which comes from compromising oneself for the love of others. We all have remained in relationships, in friendships, in work situations, within ideals even when they deny us of who we truly are. We remain due to a sense of responsibility, of duty and of love. We sacrifice our true selves.

This body of work expresses one perspective of what lies underneath; rejection, loss, exhaustion, struggle and neglect.

Gallery 2 : El did this
Elloise Alexander

Staring into the empty space infant of her, the trance begins. Sub consciously choosing colours that feel right, whether they look right doesn’t matter. Afterwards you’ve exited that trance and created a compositional masterpiece, all organic and automatic.
The best way for her to make something is without having other people in the room, because she can sense they’re thinking about something that isn’t worth putting into a work, because everyones thoughts become so loud in a room so quite.

The sub conscious composition can be associated to anything, it’s not supposed to make anyone feel a certain emotion, it’s not always about provoking something out of someone else, it’s not about confronting them with their fears, or their reality or any other bullshit thats expected of your creation. Nothing feels forced to them because there isn’t shades of blue to make them think something sad, or whatever emotion they associate with any colour, Its about the fact you’ve created something. Sometimes for you its about putting puzzles together, connecting one traumatic experience to how you behave, it could be an excuse almost.

Like ‘i don’t know why i behaved that way but if you look at this it might explain why’.

Gallery 3 : 181 Meditations
Owen Bomford

This exhibition is based on the continuing cycle of creation.
I was working on a series of paintings that did not turn out as planned and I was left with a large collection of canvases that
I had no idea what to do with. One day, I simply, on the spur of the moment, decided to lay out some canvases and just ‘air paint’ just to see what happened.

It was a moment of no effort or thought going towards creating anything in particular, it was all about letting go, listening to music and seeing what happened. As I enjoyed the process so much and found it very meditative,
I decided to use the circle as a central theme, the idea of the continuing cycle and the circle being associated with zen calligraphy.

I continued this process a number of times using a randomly selected number of canvases and a colour to suit the particular mood I was in at the time.


BlackCat Gallery
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