Private View: Platform for Emerging Arts 17

Leyden Gallery are delighted to welcome you to the opening of their exhibition Platform for Emerging Arts 17.

Platform for Emerging Arts 17 is a mixed-media exhibition showcasing the work of a diverse and exciting group of skilled national and international emerging artists. With the development of each of Leyden Gallery’s Platform shows there is a fabulous opportunity for the public to both see and to purchase art from emerging artists at a critical early stage of their careers.

Art Exhibition previously on at Leyden Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Tuesday 06 March 2018 to Tuesday 06 March 2018

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 22 February 2018.
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Corcione’s work explores the historical and cultural concepts of the Brazilian carnival; freedom, flamboyance and lust, using them to deal with issues of gender, sexuality and the body.

Utilizing a background of cinematography and fine art photography Alexia Villard engages with different forms of documentary, aiming to explore social history through the collection of objects and the stories they keep.

The delicate nature of Marshall’s canvas works aim to articulate the motif of society’s view towards mental health. Through the honest and vulnerable state of the exposed naked body, the paintings demystify the perceived stigma against mental health issues.

Using iconography from the visual language of his youth: comics, military training manuals and aerial photographs, Gary Scholes depicts personal themes of nostalgia, obsession and memory through highly stylised fantasy landscapes.

Inspired by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong’s ‘Art as therapy’,
Laura Obon’s improvised collages create a therapeutic medium through simplistic image making. The playful and colourful nature of the resulting work aims to deliver the notion of art as a tool to its viewers.

Nikolaos Mantziaris –
Nikolaos Mantziaris’s work explores the feelings of self–doubt and creative stifling in relation to working inside ‘the system’.
Nightmares, dreams and life experiences are expressed through fluid, sprawling visual landscapes which aim to connect with others who feel constrained in regards to their creative practice.

Exhibition runs from the 7th to the 17th of March.
Free Entry