Encounters: Nature and Culture

Encounters: Nature and Culture at Agora Gallery

Encounters: Nature and Culture frames new ways of assessing the tension between nature and instinct.

Art Exhibition previously on at Agora Gallery in New York, United States.
From Tuesday 13 March 2018 to Tuesday 03 April 2018
Launch Thursday 15 March 2018, 6-8pm

Encounters: Nature and Culture image Encounters: Nature and Culture image Encounters: Nature and Culture image Encounters: Nature and Culture image Encounters: Nature and Culture image Encounters: Nature and Culture image

Published by Agora Gallery on Thursday 01 March 2018.
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While typically the animal world and civilization are at odds, Encounters: Nature and Culture shows us how the two can co-exist, either in the relaxed manner specific to play or within the thinking contemplative mind as it searches for axiomatic truths. In both cases, what Encounters demonstrates is the inescapable quality of subjectivity that attaches itself to the most realistic works, giving them an expressive aura that declares the hand of the artist with the delineation of a work’s theme.

Featuring six artists, the works included in Encounters foreground the indefinite limit where selfhood ends and the world begins. Elena Gastón Nicolás and MVR both take landscapes as their theme, and yet the brazen colors of the worlds they depict make their pictures hyperreal, suggesting the manner in which the mind reconstructs experience from memory. Daniel Loveridge and Ellen Cuylaerts utilize techniques specific to “photographic realism,” while making sure only to depict structures and beings that reflect back an intense quality of subjectivity. Finally, Franck Sastre and Zie Otto, in their respective media, portray a lyrical awareness: Sastre, in mixed-media works that appear both realistic and dreamlike, and Otto in photographs in that seem to capture the reflexivity of self-awareness within the frame of a portrait.

Encounters: Nature and Culture opens to the public on March 13th and runs through April 3rd, 2018, with an opening reception on Thursday, March 15, 2018 6-8 PM. Entrance is free.

Exhibition Dates: March 13 – April 3, 2018
Reception: Thursday March 15, 2018 6-8 PM
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00am – 6:00pm
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY
Event URL: https://www.agora-gallery.com/ExhibitionAnnouncement/Encounters_3_13_2018.aspx

Featured Artists:
Ellen Cuylaerts | Elena Gastón Nicolás | Daniel Loveridge | Zie Otto | Michael Victor ▪ MVR | Franck Sastre

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