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Opportunities Elists

Art.Base provides free email lists for artists to learn about arts opportunities occurring around the world. Around 5,000 artists and artsworkers are subscribed.

The email lists allow arts workers to send their media releases to one email address and reach an international audience.

We welcome arts related postings that

  • Call for artistic works, papers, collaborations and proposals
  • Announce artistic competitions
  • Offer educational and career opportunities within the arts

We hope you enjoy the lists and spread the word!

Everyone should sign up to the international list. If there is a regional list for your region you should also sign up to that.

The International List

Regional Lists

Posting Netiquette

These emails hit a lot of inboxes. Please address your submission accordingly. To Art.Base Subscribers is fine. "Hello can you please send this to your list" is not.

Although we are covering many countries, we require that the basics be provided in English. Sorry to be cultural pigs, but English is pretty widely spoken, and apart from the spelling English is kind of neat as an international language. You can include your preferred language as well, but please keep an informative minimum in English.

These lists are mostly-moderated, so only arts information which looks like it will be relevant to the local arts community will make it through.

The lists are not for discussion, we only welcome announcements.

Media releases are fine if you do not mind the public reading them verbatim. We do not edit any posts.

HTML emails are OK, as long as a text only version is also available. If you are just sending through an image with no text it will not be accepted.

List Accounts and Passwords

Please note that these lists run off a separate database to the rest of the Art.Base website. The username and password that you use for these lists are separate to the username and password that you use for your account on the main part of Art.Base.