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Susan Sontag, Quai des Grands Augustins, Paris, 2002 chromogenic print image



Andrew Brook: The Cell image


$75k New Media Award winners: Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine image



PARK(ing) Day Claim yourself some public space image


Playful Stillness - Jiang Huan's "Temperature of Time" at Eli Klein Fine Art image


Natasha Frisch, Somewhere In Between image



Francis Bear New Graphic Novel by Gregory Mackay  image


Claire Healy & Sean Cordiero, The Great War 2010  image


Maurizio Anzeri, Florence, 2010 image


$25k Bowness photography prize goes to Lee Grant image


Brooklyn Museum to Open First Phase of Transformative Renovation of First Floor image


Grüner VW-Transporte image


Tim Burton chooses his favourite local Australian artworks image


$5,000, your own studio & a solo show in New York sound good? image


Tim Burton smashes attendance records at ACMI image


Triple R radiothon kicks off soon image


Experimental Writing on Art: Text Camp Reader 2010 image


Bringing Art to Critically-Ill Children 3rd Ward & The Art of Elysium  image



Identity in Civic Space British Council website Civic Life image


OUTER SITE: New book on RMIT's intercultural Public Art projects image


Coffee Stencil Art image


$100 per year gets you four works of art: Field Theory Art Club image


How to get a public gallery named after you image


Sam Jinks' creepy realism image


Painting 1 image


The City as an Art Museum: Object Gallery's Audio Design Museum image


Culture Jamming heroes The Yes Men release their doco free online image


Contemporary Australian Indigenous Sculpture image


'Birds and Toaster' image


Easiest data backups: Dropbox image


Adaptation explores sustainability in Art image


Stefan Dunlop, Plein air study image



Artist's coffee mugs reflect experiences of the Mentally Ill image


Private residential house which is also a public Art Museum wins architecture award image


Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy's lego space shuttle explosions image


McCulloch's contemporary Aboriginal Art – the complete guide image



Australian China Art Foundation gets a space in Melbourne image


A wheelbarrow race image


The 21st Century's first WTF Art Moment: Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop image


Sausage Dogs save the world... Dachshund U.N. image


New book on Melbourne Street Art: Street/Studio image


Art overruns the MCG this Saturday image