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3rd Annual Waterscapes Art Exhibition image
My Creative Images Magazine - September 2018 image
Proposal call out to exhibit at BlackCat Gallery in 2018 image
Stephanie Schafer - 3-Dimensional Artist Spotlight Winner image
Will Nourse - Digital & Photography Artist Spotlight Winner image
Derwin Leiva - Traditional Artist Spotlight Winner image
3rd Annual Artist's Choice Art Exhibition image


Sydney Opera House image
2nd International Photography Exhibition image
"Double Monologues I:  The Celia Series" by Loretta Kaufman image
Loren Batt - Artist Spotlight Winner for July 2018 image
John McCluskey - Artist Spotlight Winner for July 2018 image
Irena Roman - Artist Spotlight Winner for July 2018 image
2nd Annual Skies Art Exhibition image
The Other Art Fair - Melbourne image
“Sere Deconstructed II:  Circle of Life Series” by Loretta Kaufman image
Kay McBeath - Artist Spotlight Winner image
Hildy Maze - Artist Spotlight Winner image
Holly Deckard - Artist Spotlight Winner image
Loxahatchee River image
3rd Annual Cityscapes Art Exhibition Winners image
Marina Smelik Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition image
Seon Young Kim Artist Spotlight Winner image
Julie Berglund - Artist Spotlight Winner image
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 Mark Rothko Centre,Latvia image
Proposal call out to exhibit at BlackCat Gallery in 2018 image
Opening night drinks at BlackCat Gallery, Collingwood image


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Robert Clinch and the Goggomobil D'Art Project image
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Pictured: Todd Fuller, Exhibition Install of 'Inside the Line' 2016, Glasshouse Regional Gallery image
Pictured:  Exhibition install of Paul Guest Prize at Bendigo Art Gallery. image
(Pictured) Todd Fuller and Catherine O'Donnell, Exhibition Install of Just Draw 2016, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery image
Dai Li, 'Under Current' 2016, stoneware, 27 x 13 x 11cm; 'Await' 2016, stoneware, 31 x 12 x 11cm; 'The Listener' 2016, stoneware, 32 x 12 x 12cm; 'Fixed' 2016, stoneware, 32 x 13 x 13cm image
 Todd Fuller, 'Pink Eclipse - if you fall I will catch you' 2016 image
James Guppy in his studio with the suite of works In Flagrante Delicto, 2015 image
Peter Tilley + Andy Devine, 'Response #20' 2014  image
Fu Lei image
Catherine O'Donnell at the Art Gallery of NSW image
The Quarterly image