Art News

Cultivating Creative Thinking image
BOAA image
Nicole Welch, 'Apparitions #4' 2014 image
James Guppy 'Negotiated Settlement' 2015  image
Catherine O'Donnell, 'Urban dwellings series no 11' 2016 image
Lezlie Tilley, 'Collage 6' 2016 image
Al Munro, 'Choc Brown Mineral Crystal' 2012  image
Robert Boynes, 'Blind Leading the Blind 2' 2015 image
Catherine O'Donnell, 'Stouts & Ales' 2011 image
Andy Devine and Peter Tilley, 'Response #10' 2013 (detail) image
James Guppy, 'Cerberus' 1991 image
Lezlie Tilley, '53.Part' 2002 image
Kevin McKay, 'Pedestrian Bridge, Bondi' 2015 image
Glen Clarke, 'Single Entity' 2008 image
Grayson Cooke videos image
Todd Fuller, 'A dance in 24 frames #3' 2014 image
Catherine O'Donnell, 'Time for rounds' 2014 image
Waratah Lahy, 'Double Stair' 2015 image
Quarterly 2.2 image
Grayson Cooke, ‘HN03’ 2014, film still, 11:30min image
Tanmaya Bingham, 'Mary’s Lowrider' 2015 image
Lezlie Tilley 'Traces from my garden' 6, 2016 image
Andy Devine and Peter Tilley, 'Response No. 20' 2015 image
Al Munro, 'Hyperbolic Infinite V' 2015 image
Elizabeth Willing, 'Lick' 2009 image
Mylyn Nguyen, 'Home' 2015
46 x 55 x 50cm image
James Guppy 'The Valley of Sufficient Requirements' 2015 image
Al Munro, group image of crocheted forms, 2015 image
Melinda Le Guay 'Red' 2012 image
Catherine O'Donnell, 'Letters from home' 2015 image
Charcoal and graphite on paper, 240 x 1149cm image
Nicole Welch 'East West' 2015 image
Nicole Welch 'Magnificent Prospect #2' 2015 image
Todd Fuller accepting his award image
Brenda May outside of Access Contemporary Art Gallery in the mid-1990s image
James Guppy 'The Romantic' 2015 image
Ashleigh Garwood 'La Perouse' 2014 image
charcoal on paper, 130 x 145cm image