Call for Proposals - Sculpture 2016: Bronze

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by MAY SPACE on Friday 19 June 2015.

Amanda Stuart, 'Red Dog' 2013 image

Art history abounds with examples of sculptors employing bronze; from scarce, but insightful Ancient Greek vessels, to the large-scale modernist sculptures of Auguste Rodin, Umberto Boccioni and Alberto Giacometti. Throughout the ages, this alloy has been embraced for its versatility, strength and ability to be cast into both voluminous and intricate forms.

Brenda May Gallery’s next edition of the annual Sculpture show will pay homage to this important material. Although the curated selection within Sculpture 2016: Bronze will be unified by medium, this exhibition aims to portray the differing ways contemporary artists manipulate bronze within their sculptural practices.

Visit our website here for more information and application instructions.

> Peter Tilley, ‘Coming Home’ 2014, cast bronze – unique, 21 × 21 × 12cm

> Benjamin Storch, ‘Through the Centre’ 2007, hand-hammered patinated bronze, 90 × 90 × 33cm

> Anne Ross, ‘Waiting for the 601’ 2011, cast bronze, edition of 6, 14.5 × 12 × 6cm