Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Museum of Old and New Art on Tuesday 23 June 2015.


The Museum of Old and New Art in Australia’s third annual Dark Mofo festival came to a close on Monday 22 June as the sun rose again over the city of Hobart after the longest night of the year.

Dark Mofo events in and around Hobart and Cradle Mountain were attended by close to 174,000 people this June (not necessarily unique visitors). Organisers are inspired by visitation numbers to Dark Mofo events, which reflect the community’s willingness to embrace the cold and dark, and participate in a collective winter celebration through large-scale art, feasting, fire, film, and noise.

But, as locals well know, winter is far from over.

Ongoing Dark Mofo events include exhibitions The Shadows Calling by Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey at Detached, Beyond Woop Woop by John Kelly at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Envelop(e) by Julian Day, Mick Harris, Jason James, Christina Kubisch + Elizabeth Veldon, curated by Matt Warren at Contemporary Art Tasmania, Laundry of the Terminal Psyche by Douglas McManus at Rosny Barn, Remote Nature Response at Cradle Mountain Hotel’s Wilderness Gallery, and Mona’s major exhibition, Private Archaeology by Marina Abramović, which continues until October 5, 2015.

Also keeping the winter fires burning are upcoming signature events, Festival of Voices (July 2-16) and the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival (July 17-19), which is based on the age-old tradition of wassailing the cider orchard to ensure a fruitful harvest in the coming year.

“This was the first year I felt we really delivered on the vision for a vibrant city-wide large-scale art project,” Dark Mofo Creative Director Leigh Carmichael said.

“We’ve expanded well outside the walls of the Winter Feast in Salamanca and taken the festival atmosphere far and wide from Detached at the old Mercury Building to Dark Park at Macquarie Point, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Salamanca Arts Centre, Rosny Barn, Narryna Heritage Museum, Cradle Mountain and the length of the Derwent River with Night Ship.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to see the community take ownership of the city at night. My festival highlight was walking across the city from Dark Park to Salamanca with thousands of other people. It was kind of an emotional moment, and one that will sit with me for quite some time.

“We are really pleased with the attendance. It was basically a sell-out festival, but more importantly for us, this year’s triumph was to improve the experience for those making the effort, and in that regard we are extremely happy.

“This is the end of our three-year commitment for Dark Mofo, and we will need to talk with the community and our key stakeholders to determine where to go from here. We anticipate that Dark Mofo will return in 2016, as we were blown away with the public response, but don’t expect it to stay the same.”

Dark Mofo is a project of Mona, supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania, City of Hobart, Tourism Tasmania, plus many more valued partners.