Not Quite Art doco series now available on YouTube

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Tuesday 18 January 2011.

Not Quite Art doco series now available on YouTube image

Presented by Marcus Westbury and produced by the Australian Broadcast Corporation, the two-series documentary Not Quite Art is now available to international audiences through YouTube.
Not Quite Art is a refreshing reevaluation of what constitutes contemporary art in the 21st Century, where rapid changes through globalization and technology are altering the means by which art and culture are consumed and produced.
Westbury’s educated analysis of underground creative movements in both first and developing nations questions the value we place on museum-dictated cultural analysis.
In case you’re wondering who on earth he is, Westbury’s other achievements include a major contribution towards putting a dilapidated regional Australian town in Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 destinations for 2011 through his Renew Newcastle project.
Turn it on, you won’t regret it.