New exhibition: Cloth: Seeds to Bloom

Celebrating 20 years of Julie Paterson's ClothFabric

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by anonymous on Friday 03 July 2015.

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From 17 July to 15 August 2015, the Australian Design Centre celebrates Julie Paterson, one of Australia's most influential textile designers and dynamic creative forces.

3 July 2015

New Exhibition: Cloth: Seeds to Bloom

“Everyone is born creative and every day is a new opportunity to perform a creative act.” – Julie Paterson, Imperfect Manifesto.

From 17 July to 15 August 2015, the Australian Design Centre celebrates Julie Paterson, one of Australia’s most influential textile designers and dynamic creative forces.

Cloth: Seeds to Bloom traces 20 years of Paterson’s designs. Drawing inspiration from the Australian bush, British-born Paterson’s stunning fabrics are a riot of colour, floral forms, and patterns.

Achieving commercial success through design excellence, Paterson’s designs are highly prized and sought after, with short batch productions quickly snapped up by avid collectors, interior decorators, and commercial clients.

Cloth: Seeds to Bloom presents the storied history of Paterson’s ClothFabric, tracing the evolution of Paterson’s practice across nine vignettes. Each vignette reveals the creative experimentation leading to an iconic design, with Paterson’s own sketches, linoprints, paintings, and sample books on display.

Paterson’s book ClothBound, a reflection and examination of her creative process, will be available for purchase at Australian Design Centre for $60. A limited selection of Paterson’s own fabrics will also be available for purchase, with prices to be determined.

Cloth: Seeds to Bloom is the second program to launch in the Australian Design Centre’s new home, and stands in contrast to the inaugural showcase of digital artist Lukasz Karluk; an illustration of the breadth of creative practices that contemporary Australian design encompasses.

Cloth: Seeds to Bloom was first presented at Sturt Gallery from April 19 to May 31 2015.

Cloth: Seeds to Bloom Highlights

6 August, 6-8pm Designers Den: Fashion Edition
Come and hear from some of Australia’s latest fashion and textiles talent as they test their mettle in front of an esteemed judging panel of industry experts including Julie Paterson.

13 August, 6-8pm In Conversation Talk
The Australian Design Centre’s Director Steven Pozel will join Julie Paterson for an intimate conversation about her timeless fabric designs and how the Australian landscape has inspired her work.

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Photo courtesy of Armelle Habbib