New Executive Director of the Society appointed

Ron Ramsey joins as Executive Director of the Art Gallery So

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Art Gallery of New South Wales on Thursday 14 January 2016.

New Executive Director of the Society appointed image

Ron Ramsey joins as Executive Director of the Art Gallery Society of NSW

The Art Gallery Society of NSW, one of the largest arts membership organisations in the country, today announced one of Australia’s most experienced arts administrators, Ron Ramsey, as the newly appointed Executive Director of the Society.

Ramsey’s wealth of experience in art museums across three decades includes three years at the National Gallery of Victoria, 14 years at the National Gallery of Australia and seven years as Director of the Newcastle Art Gallery from 2007 to 2014. He was Australia’s Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Australia in Washington DC from 2004 to 2007 and most recently, Development Manager of the Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne.

Ramsey said he is looking forward to commencing this exciting leadership role with the Art Gallery Society in early February.

“Members can expect to see the Society continue its vital function supporting the Art Gallery of NSW, raising funds for the Gallery’s collection, and providing members with all the wonderful benefits that being a part of our state’s leading art museum community offers,” Ramsey said.

Art Gallery of New South Wales director, Dr Michael Brand, said he is also looking forward to working with Ramsey in his capacity as Executive Director of the Society.

“Staff at both the Gallery and the Society have worked with Ron previously, myself included. We all acknowledge his record of achievement and wealth of experience in public art museums and we look forward to welcoming him into his new role next month,” Brand said.

Outgoing president of the Society, Les Moseley, retiring after nine years on the Council and two years as President, played a role in the recruitment of the new Executive Director.

“Mr Ramsey brings to the Society a depth of professional knowledge and experience, as well as personal qualities that will enhance the important work of the Art Gallery Society.

“Having specialised in art education and arts management, Mr Ramsey has the unique distinction of having worked in university, regional, state and national art museums as well as having represented Australian culture overseas,” Moseley said.

“Although I was scheduled to retire in March, I feel that now is an appropriate time for me to step aside as President and provide an opportunity for new leadership at the outset of the New Year, and the beginning of a new era for the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Society,” Moseley added.

Brian Ladd has been elected by the Council to the role of Society President for the remainder of Moseley’s term. Moseley said Ladd has a wealth of experience with both public art museums and the Sydney art scene. Ladd has been a member of the Art Gallery Society Council since being elected Vice President in March 2014.

With the appointment of Ron Ramsey, the Society and the Gallery are committed to building and strengthening the relationship of both organisations into the future and will continue to work towards a Memorandum of Understanding.