Genèvre Becker’s artwork received as finalists for the 10th Arte Laguna Art Prize and the Wyndham Art Prize this month

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by anonymous on Monday 07 March 2016.

The View from Within image Inner Machinations image

Genèvre Becker, sculptor and installation artist, will be presenting her work in two art prizes this month. The work will be featured at the 10th Arte Laguna Art Prize in Venice, Italy, and also at the Wyndham Art Prize in Werribee, Victoria.

Melbourne based artist, Genèvre Becker, follows up an almost sell-out solo exhibition in mid-2015 with a busy start to the year. Two of Becker’s ‘Light Landscape’ artworks have been accepted as finalists into Art Prizes opening in March 2016. The first to open is the Wyndham Art Prize, opening on Wednesday 16th March at the Wyndham Art Gallery, where she will be presenting ‘Inner Machinations’.
From the same artwork series, ‘The View from Within’ will be presented at the 10th Arte Laguna Art Prize, opening on the 19th March at the Nappe Arsenale in Venice, Italy. Her work joins 120 artists, from 35 countries, exhibiting painting, photography, sculpture and installation, performance, video art, digital art and land art.

You can view works from the ‘Light Landscapes’ series, and others, at:

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