Marc Standing: The Eternal Return

Art Press Release from Hong Kong. Published by anonymous on Saturday 12 March 2016.

The Fallacy of Substance image The Eternal Return 1 image Figurine 4 image Figurine 11 image Wunderlust image

The Cat Street Gallery is proud to exhibit Marc Standing second solo show in Hong Kong 'The Eternal Return’ after a hugely successful show in 2014.

‘The Eternal Return’ presents a strong symbolism of the mask. The sculptural works are inspired by fertility and harvest deities as well as mythological creatures with strong motifs stemming from his interest in the collecting of objects, of cabinets of curiosity, the old world, colonialism, and our mortality. The paintings have a dreamlike surreal quality to them. They are drawing inspiration from both African and Mexican imagery without the means of appropriation.

Born in Zimbabwe, Standing based in Sydney and now more recently in Hong Kong. His works have been shown extensively throughout Australia and have also been included in prominent Australian art prizes, as well as a commission work for The Groucho Club in London, a nominee for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and acquired by Artbank in Australia. His work has also been exhibited in New York, London, Holland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Zimbabwe.