James Guppy at Orange Regional Gallery

Best in Show: Dogs in Australian Art (9 April to 3 July)

Art News from Australia. Published by MAY SPACE on Sunday 03 April 2016.

James Guppy, 'Cerberus' 1991 image

Orange Regional Gallery pays homage to the varied representations of canines by Australian artists in their major exhibition loosely based on Steven Miller’s publication Dogs in Australian Art.

James Guppy’s work ‘Cerberus’ is one of 70 important works that has been selected for Best in Show: Dogs in Australian Art.

In mythology, Cerberus is the dog that guards the gates to the underworld. In Guppy’s painting of this name, we see a scruffy Maltese Terrier on the top half and a fierce, crackling fire in the section below. This exhibition will launch at Orange Regional Gallery on Friday 8 April.