ArtAndOnly talked to Swiss Art Dealer PHILIPPE REY at the ‪ArtParisArtFair‬ 2016

Art News from Switzerland. Published by ArtAndOnly - Platform for Art Collectors on Wednesday 04 May 2016.

Art Paris Art Fair 2016 image

His expertise and experience revealed some interesting perspectives on today's art market developments.

During the hustle of jotting between art fairs in the French capital, an intermediary interview with Swiss dealer Philippe Rey discussed his opinions on the state of the concurrent art market.

What kind of work would you consult your collectors to buy?
Art is not like stocks. If you want to invest in art then you have to be realistic about your expectations. If you are willing to bank 100 or 200 million dollars then you clearly have money to play with but you can’t spend 50,000 – 100,000 and expect to have a 100% increased profit…